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19th July 2012

westernstory5:30pm: Western Story: Official game trailer 2012
Western Story is a game about cowboys and the Wild West. Gold, romance, pursuits and adventures. Lots of characters and quests. You're in the very heart of the events.
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Facebook http://www.facebook.com/WesternStoryGame
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5th January 2005

amichail5:28pm: Speculative Search Game (Google Game)
A game where you predict which web pages will rank more highly on Google in the future! The output of the game will be used to build the Speculative Search Engine that ranks those web pages more highly today.


1st May 2004

robcampbell9:51am: I Am Not Rob Campbell
I am not Rob Campbell, the actor. I suffer from a common disorder of the Internet age: Sharing a name with someone famous, so that I have no chance of being the top result when I Google myself. Unlike most people in my situation, however, I’ve been mistaken for the famous me.

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- Rob Campbell

Please comment in my journal

1st April 2004

pixelslut10:47am: Most common keywords
Yeah, I'm new...whatever :)

So I have this serious Google fetish, and I'm addicted to Googlewhacking. This lead me to try to find the most common keywords, but for all my searching, I couldn't find any lists. There's the obvious words, like those crucial to the formation of a proper English sentence such as he, she, it, they, etc, but those don't really count. The counts are impressive though.

5,710,000,000 - the
3,750,000,000 - of
3,500,000,000 - a
3,020,000,000 - in

Aside from that, I've found that internet and website specific words are the next highest scoring, along with other very common words. Though my attention span is very short, I am currently trying to compile a list of 100,000,000+ words. Whaddiya got for me?

751,000,000 - home
693,000,000 - page
578,000,000 - free
520,000,000 - site
414,000,000 - web
395,000,000 - time
342,000,000 - next
279,000,000 - email
264,000,000 - date
255,000,000 - internet
227,000,000 - sex
152,000,000 - photo

Next up will be the least common dicitonary words :)
Current Mood: ambitious

13th June 2003

dudeuhman12:25am: Hi, I'm new (solely to this community). I just got over 52,000,000 points googlewhacking with "human clapperclawing."

29th December 2002

_m0rbiidcandyy2:18pm: google image search
Google Image Search: hot dog

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17th December 2002

darkalice12:30pm: Where can we play Google Image Search online?
I would love a community where we just post random results...
What do you guys say to that?


Google Image Search: don't eat me
Current Mood: silly

5th October 2002

rabow9:02pm: Fight!
Google... FIGHT!


Somewhat amusing.

29th June 2002

scientaestubiqu10:50pm: new google tool!
linked here in lj_nifty, it's http://labs.google.com/sets

a predicted set from the word "google" generates:

Google Groups
SourceForge net
Alta Vista
Northern Light
Ask Jeeves
Direct Hit
Web Crawler
Hot Bot
GoTo com
Open Directory
AOL Search
Netscape Search
Starting Point
Search com
AOL Netfind
Open Text
Deja News
Go com
FAST Search
Savvy Search
MSN Search

26th June 2002

soylentblack10:18pm: It's funny cuz it's true...
just kidding... I am reposting this from my journal because I already did it and that gives me an idea...

Everybody put a *star next to the lines that are true.

As a double bonus everybody put three ***stars next to the lines that were actually about them in the first place...

I get one star.

James is a Girl
James is enrolled in a home-study program
James is one of the premier Western entertainers in the nation
James is back
James is a Trinidadian writer
James is such a talented and versatile actor
James is made in Nebraska City
James is available to small groups
James is a special place
James is Named One of 18
James is a professional speaker
James is an innovative and talented artist
James is an American national treasure
*James is doing fine, enduring maintenance okay

27th June 2002

scientaestubiqu9:23am: First game! what does Google think about you?
this meme came to me from saintwoodstock

and prompted the creation of this community.

Type "[your full name] is" (including quotations) into Google and type down the first 10 results.

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